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6 Ideas for Dating in Richmond, VA

Other major cities like Washington, D.C. and Norfolk might offer some great nights out, but Richmond is full of fun, romantic, and exciting places where you can have a great first date experience. We've listed some possibilities here:

  1. Many singles in Richmond would love a walk through the beautiful gardens of Maymont in good weather, or a walk through the mansion in bad weather.
  2. You could grab dinner or lunch at a great local restaurant like Max's Positive Vibe Cafe or La Grotta, or you could just grab one of the most decadent desserts in the area at Shyndigz.
  3. Meet Richmond singles at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. You can browse through the gallery, attend one of the many great events after dark, or have drinks at the museum's restaurant, Amuse.
  4. Perhaps you are meeting with more active singles. In Richmond, there are plenty of active things to do including kayaking lessons at James River Park.
  5. The Virginia Repertory Theatre at Hanover Tavern offers unique live performances.
  6. Another great Richmond dating hot spot includes Uptown Alley, where the two of you could bowl and sip cocktails together.

If you want to meet multiple singles at once, you could also attend one of Match.com's Stir events, which are low-stress, pre-planned events and activities that bring subscribers together in person. You'll be able to mix, mingle, and chat with a room full of singles, perhaps even igniting a romantic spark you may not have discovered online. With this and many other features, Match.com can be an integral part of your search for love, so sign up today.

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