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Find love near the gulf and search for single women in Corpus Christi, TX today! Browse the profiles and photos of single women in Corpus Christi on Match.com as well as in nearby areas, like Robstown and Portland. You can create a profile, search for matches, and chat for free! For men seeking women, Corpus Christi, Texas is full of some romantic spots that are great for first meetings. Match.com can help make the introduction that gets you to your first date.

Everybody likes a walk on the beach, but what are some other first date ideas?

Go to a Local Event: Events are almost constantly happening in the area, and many single women in Corpus Christi would love the Jazz Festival, Oysterfest, or SandFest.

Get a Taste of Texas Culture: Go see the Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra, or visit the Art Museum of South Texas to add a dab of culture to your date. If your date is new to the area, she may enjoy visiting nearby King Ranch for a bit of Texas flavor.

Grab Some Grub: There are a great deal of excellent restaurants in the area. Snoopy's Pier, Thai Spice, and the Republic of Texas Bar and Grill, are some good examples.

Grab a Cup: At Hester's Cafe and Coffee Bar you can grab a cup of coffee, and at The Tango Tea Room you can grab tea and a healthy snack.

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