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Match.com has been helping people connect online since 1995, and we can help you meet other Pittsburgh singles. It is easy to create an account and begin viewing profiles online. You can search profiles that are sorted by your stated preferences to help you find people who share your interests quickly. Don't forget to put some effort into your profile as well so it portrays the real you — and if you need help, ask a ProfilePro expert to lend a hand.

Working full–time can give you less time to meet other singles in Pittsburgh. You may be stressed out or new to the area and unsure of where to go to meet other men or women who share your interests. Match.com makes it easy to find potential dates by searching the profiles of Pittsburgh singles online. You can expand your search pool by looking at the profiles of singles living in nearby cities like Murrysville or Greensburg as well. We'll send you possible matches based on you profile to help you find someone that you are compatible with. Singles in Pittsburgh like the convenience and ease of using Match.com to find a potential date: You can find profiles whether you are gay or straight, and there are a wide variety of people of various ages, too.

Once you find a profile you are interested in using Match.com, you can send that person a wink to flirt with him or her for free. Subscribers also have the option of sending an email or IM to get to know a potential partner better before meeting each other in person. You can also participate in Stir events in the Pittsburgh area or a variety of cities across the country. These events make it easier to interact with other singles by bringing them together in person for a fun event, like a board game night or wine tasting. This can take the pressure off of your first date together, since you will feel like you have gotten a chance to gauge your chemistry first.

Once you find that special someone, it's time to take that next step. Why not meet for dinner at Eleven or Smiling Banana Leaf? Or you could plan a day out at one of the Steel City's fun attractions, like the Carnegie Science Center or the Andy Warhol Museum. Maybe you'd rather get your pulse racing on the rollercoasters of Kennywood — or maybe you'd enjoy cheering yourself hoarse at a Penguins, Steelers or Pirates game. No matter what you decide to do, it'll be more fun with that special someone by your side.

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