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Countless Philadelphia singles have connected online by signing up with Match.com and searching for compatible dates. No matter your particular area of residence in Philadelphia, dating has never been easier when you use Match.com's services. With all of the different things to do around the city and in neighboring areas like Upper Darby and Merion Station, meeting Philly singles and setting up first dates will be a breeze.

Dating in Philadelphia, PA can be an interesting romantic experience. When you meet up with other singles in Philadelphia, you have many options for dates. Share a love of food at one of the many restaurants in the city like Stateside, take a walk and check out some of the public art, or share your love of literature by going to visit the Edgar Allen Poe house. By signing up on Match.com, you'll find lots of profiles posted by single men and women who share your interests, preferences and goals. Your match could be just a few clicks away.

Before you begin searching for your next date, first create a profile for yourself. You can provide as much information about yourself as you'd like, and we encourage you to upload a few pictures to make your profile stand out from the crowd. If you’d like help, our tips page can make creating a compelling profile easy. Then, start browsing our large collection of profiles by entering your ZIP code and searching for other nearby singles. Our advanced filters make it easy for you to narrow down your choices based on other factors, like height, body type, or recreational habits like drinking and smoking. You can even choose to search for singles based on lifestyle, occupation or ethnicity. Once you've found a potential match, wink for free or subscribe to strike up a conversation over email and determine if you'd like to meet in person. At Match.com, we simplify Philadelphia dating by making compatible singles accessible and initial introductions less intimidating — you won't have to offer more information about yourself than you're comfortable with and you can opt to stop communicating with other singles at any time. We're confident that you'll stay and take the opportunity to find a compatible mate. For additional chances to meet and mingle with other area singles, check out our Stir events, where you can enjoy fun activities while getting to know potential matches.

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