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Are you looking for love in Henderson, NV? is a top resource for dating in Henderson. We are responsible for more dates, relationships, and marriages than any other site! has some great features for Henderson singles that can help you find who you're looking for! You can join today for free! You'll be able to browse through the photos of singles in Henderson, Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas, create a profile, and wink, all before becoming a subscriber. Also, makes its own recommendations for potential matches for you. Features like Daily Matches improve as you use them, providing the most compatible Henderson personals possible. As a subscriber, you can use our ProfilePro feature for an additional fee, which enables you to ask our writing experts to help find the best words to describe you on your profile, helping you to stand out among other Henderson singles. Subscribers can also be eligible to meet singles in Henderson in person with's Stir events! These offline, low–stress activities allow you to mix and mingle with other singles face–to–face. Using some of these great features, you'll be able to make real connections.

Here are some easy ideas for where you can go on your first date, once you've made your connection through

5 Simple Henderson Dating Ideas:

5. A little cuteness doesn't hurt your chances during a first date – take your date to the Lion Habitat Ranch. Depending on the day, you may even be able to interact with young lion cubs!

4. If the two of you are hikers, meet up and take a guided tour at Red Rock Canyon.

3. You can meet for the first time offline in the romantic walkway of the Acadia Demonstration Gardens.

2. Sometimes, it's OK to be a tourist in your hometown! Ride a Venetian–style gondola through Las Vegas and experience European romance close to home!

1. Have a classic first date – dinner at one of Henderson's great restaurants, like Todd's Unique Dining, Marssa, or the Pasta Shop Ristorante!

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