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Looking for love in St. Louis? Single women from St. Charles to Granite City can connect with you on Match.com! Match.com offers some excellent features that can help local men seeking women. St. Louis women know that Match.com is the #1 in dates, relationships, and marriages! Create a profile for free today.

Features like Daily Match and Singled Out alerts bring the most compatible single women in St. Louis, MO to you! The more you interact with the site, the more these recommendations improve. Subscribers can send emails, chat online, or send winks on our website, or with matchMobile. Finally, if you prefer to meet in person as well as online, Match.com brings you Stir events! These events include pre-planned, low-stress group activities that allow you to mix and mingle with local single women. St. Louis is a great location to meet new women and arrange some romantic first dates.

Meet her for the first time offline in a sea of butterflies at the Butterfly House at the Missouri Botanical Garden, or in the garden's beautiful lantern-light Japanese-style teahouse. She'll enjoy a sweet treat from Bailey's Chocolate Bar, the Fountain on Locust, Crown Candy Kitchen, or Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. Many single women in St. Louis would enjoy the barbeque and soul food of The Shaved Duck, or tangy, spicy style of Mango. Keep her food interests in mind! The two of you could paddle along the lakes, or just take a stroll in the massive St. Louis Forest Park. Fall into each other's arms while ice skating at the Steinberg Rink. There are so many dating ideas in the area for men seeking women. St. Louis is practically full of romantic spots and first date ideas, if you know where to look! Sign up at Match.com today.

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