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If you're living in Minneapolis, you know how cold the city can be. Stay warm and comfy and explore our online dating website that features plenty of compatible singles in Minneapolis. You can sign up with Match.com today to search for your match online, or start flirting with other locals in person at one of our Match Stir events happening regularly throughout Minneapolis. Dating other singles who share your interests, lifestyle and relationship goals is easier than ever before with Match.com.

Before you start connecting with other Minneapolis singles online, you'll need to create your own profile first. Sign up now to get started; if anyone interests you, choose a paid subscription so you can email and chat with other singles over IM. Your profile lets other singles in Minneapolis learn all about who you are and what you're looking for in a date. It needs to be compelling so that you'll stand out from the crowd and attract the type of person that you're interested in meeting and dating faster. We have professional writers who are available to craft profiles for a small one–time fee through our ProfilePro service

Use our dependable search tools to find Minneapolis singles that fit what you're looking for in a date. You can also fine–tune your search criteria and save different versions by name, or broaden your search to include singles that live in other cities located near Minneapolis. Dating people in nearby areas, such as Bloomington and Saint Paul, will increase your chances at finding love.

We'll send personalized matches to you on a daily basis to help increase your odds of making a connection.
A date is the next step, but where should you go? The Minneapolis Riverfront is a nice option for just about any date. Here, couples may enjoy a meal and good conversation, take a stroll, bike across the Mississippi on the Stone Arch Bridge or take a romantic ride in a horse–drawn carriage. Other date–worthy locations along the Riverfront include a self–guided walking tour or enjoying the view of the Saint Anthony Falls. The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is yet another location that makes for a good first–date option, as is the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Why spend another lonely day or night when you can start searching for compatible Minneapolis singles on Match.com to date? We make the process of finding love simple, and all you need to do is take the first step. Sign up for a membership today!

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