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Did you know that Match.com is responsible for more dates, more relationships, and more marriages than any other site? Or did you know that 1 in 5 relationships begin online and 1 in 6 marriages begin online? With new members joining Match.com every day, now is a great time for you to begin or improve your online dating experience. We have proven success finding people love, so we know how much goes into the dating scene and meeting new single women. New Orleans or surrounding cities like Metairie and Kenner may be home to the perfect gal for you and Match.com would love to help you find her.

We have proven success helping men seeking women in New Orleans, and we want you to be the next happy ending. To stick out from other guys as you look for New Orleans single women, check out the profile mistakes we see men commonly make. Keep an eye out for Stir events coming to your area where you can mingle and flirt with other local subscribers and share a fun night of bowling, wine tasting, or another pre-planned activity. Subscribe to Match.com to start instant messaging and emailing New Orleans women today!

Date Advice for Men Seeking Women in New Orleans, LA

When you plan to meet up with new single women in New Orleans, approach the subject with some ideas in mind! Here are some great things you can do on a date to provide a fun, memorable experience.

1. Spend the day seeing cute and exotic animals at the Audubon Zoo! Find out what your date’s favorite animals are and make sure she sees them.

2. Many people may want a calm, simple first date. If the two of you want to just walk around a park and get to know one another, then taking a few hours to walk around the New Orleans City Park can be a fun time, just chatting and enjoying the sunshine. Make it unforgettable and bring some delicious, unique foods for a picnic!

3. Would you prefer a more energetic and active date? Head to Rock n’ Bowl for a fun night of bowling to some good music. The city is known for an exciting nightlife and party culture, so there’s plenty to do that will keep you awake all hours of the night.

4. The Big Easy is a city famous for being the home and birthplace of jazz, so why not find a few places to catch a show? The Spotted Cat Music Club, Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro, and the Funky Pirate Blues Club are great places to swing.

5. New Orleans may be known for jazz and its rich history, but it also has a great art scene. The two of you could head to the New Orleans Museum of Art and admire some beautiful, unique pieces together.

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