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Did you know that 1 in 5 relationships begin online? Baton Rouge singles can find each other today by using Match.com. Dating in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is easier than ever with Match.com features, like Daily Matches and Singled Out alerts, which can help you find the best local matches in your area. Browse profiles and photos of Baton Rouge personals online, make connections, and set up first dates.

Step 1: Make a Profile

The first step of dating is to try! Join today and create your profile so that other singles in Baton Rouge can find you. If you want to make your profile stand out, contact our ProfilePro experts. Then, you can browse through Baton Rouge singles, message them, or send them a wink once you subscribe to Match.com.

Step 2: Make a Connection

Online dating opens the door to new possibilities and experiences. At Match.com, you are in control as you can encourage or block people from contacting you. Also as you interact with the site; your requirements, likes, and dislikes will be considered in new recommendations. You can talk to singles in Baton Rouge, as well as singles in New Orleans, Zachary, or Hammond.

Step 3: Go on a Date

Baton Rouge dating is easywith Match.com. Subscribers can join in on Stir events, or use one of these first date ideas in deciding where to go in Baton Rouge, LA:

What's more romantic than a castle? Louisiana's Old State Capitol building looks over the Mississippi river and is a very interesting first date location. You can let your inner child have fun with arcade games, go karts, and miniature golf at Celebration Station. When introducing non-locals to the area, visit a seafood-savvy restaurant like Tsunami to eat sushi while viewing the river. You and your date could visit an event or attend a concert at the Manship Theater, or, for more active singles, visit one of BREC's 184 parks, to go fishing, kayaking, biking, or kite flying. Also, the two of you could enjoy a festival or event like the Baton Rouge Blues Festival.

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