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Meet your match on Match.com, and start your romantic adventure in Lexington, KY! If you're looking for love, reach out and grab it! Browse the photos and profiles of single men in Lexington on the #1 site in relationships, marriages, and dates. Today, 1 in 5 relationships begin online, and those who join Match.com are 3x more likely to find a relationship than those who don't!

Match.com has great features for women seeking men. Lexington single men can be found by browsing, but they can also be brought to you with our recommendations features, like Mutual Matches and Daily Match. Based on your experiences, likes, and requirements, we make our recommendations for compatible, local single men. Lexington men, as well as men from Louisville and Cincinnati, will be available for you to check out. When you interact with these features, Match.com evolves to get to know your tastes better, bringing your better recommendations the longer you stay with us!

Once you become a subscriber, you can communicate via email, chat, and winks and use some of our other features, like Stir events. Our ProfilePro experts can help spruce up your profile, making you stand out among other women seeking men. Lexington also hosts frequent Stir events, which are in-person events where singles from Match.com meet while engaging in fun group activities. Once you find your match either online or at an event, feel free to go out on a fun date — just be sure to keep safety in mind when choosing a public place to meet.

5 Simple Ideas for Dating Single Men in Lexington, KY

1. Enjoy a local restaurant, like Table Three Ten, Sahara Mediterranean Cuisine or Le Deauville French Bistro.

2. Go to a wine appreciation class at the Wine + Market.

3. Bring your thoroughbred to Kentucky Horse Park and ride in a carriage, or do some horseback riding together.

4. Take a stroll through the floral garden of the Arboretum at the State Botanical Garden of Kentucky or through Yuko-En on the Elkhorn.

5. For a bit of culture, visit one of Lexington's local historic houses, like Ashland: The Henry Clay Estate or the Mary Todd Lincoln House.

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