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Are you looking across the Great Plains for love, from Omaha to Iowa City? Match.com can help you find a match among singles in Des Moines, IA, today. Get started by signing up for a free membership!

First you'll want to start by creating your profile! Take your time and create an interesting, engaging profile that stands out among Des Moines singles. Then, you can browse Des Moines personals and search for a match! Matches can also be brought to you in the form of recommendations — Daily Match, Mutual Match, and Singled Out alerts bring interesting singles to the forefront and make matches based on your compatibility. As you interact with these features, they evolve to meet your needs and interests, and because more and more people join Match.com every day, the longer you stay on the site, the more likely it is that you'll find someone. People who join our site are 3 times more likely to begin a relationship than those who don't join.

Other great features will become available to you once you become a subscriber. For instance, you'll be able to message Des Moines singles via email, chat, or winking, on both our website and with our matchMobile app. You'll also be able to tap into our great feature, Stir events, which allow you to meet, mingle, and hang out with local Match.com singles in person! These fun, low-stress events feature pre-planned activities that allow you to make new connections. You can find someone while participating in a wine tasting, a cooking class, or a fun party!

You can build online connections in order to meet new singles, go on first dates, or begin new relationships! Once you've made a connection, feel free to go on some great first dates!

5 Des Moines Dating Ideas

1. Grab a sweet treat for your sweet date! You could get a shake of the day at Zombie Burger & Drink Lab, a slice of pie at Perkins, macarons at La Mie Bakery, or a bowl of custard at Classic Frozen Custard.

2. The two of you could gaze at master works, walk through the sculpture garden, or watch a film at the Des Moines Art Center! For more culture, the Salisbury House offers some great events.

3. Barbeque provides for a great night out! The Flying Mango, Woody's Smoke Shack, and Jethro's BBQ are some local favorites.

4. Adventurous singles in Des Moines will love the thrill rides at Adventureland!

5. Enjoy active dating in Des Moines by biking through parks or trails, like the Clive Greenbelt Trail or Terrace Hill.

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