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Are you dating in St. Petersburg, FL? Did you know that 1 in 5 relationships actually begin online?

If you're looking for a match, Match.com can help you find the right St. Petersburg singles that meet your wants, needs, and lifestyle. Match.com is responsible for more dates, marriages, and relationships than any other site.

Match.com offers features that can lead you to some great first dates. Subscribers can browse and email interesting parties on the go with matchMobile. To make your profile stand out among other St. Petersburg singles, Match.com's ProfilePro experts can help describe the real you! Other features like Singled Out alerts and Mutual Matches give recommendations based on your experiences, and improve the more you interact with the site. Making a connection on Match.com with chat, winks, or email can lead you to make the leap to a first date!

St. Petersburg dating is easy when you live in one of the most beautiful, scenic locations in America! First date ideas are practically everywhere you look. You could meet your Match.com interest for the first time on the bridge of the Sunken Gardens. Adventurous singles in St. Petersburg can learn how to paddleboard with Lazee Lizard at St. Pete Beach, or bike along Pinellas Trail in Largo. On a rainy day, visit the state–of–the–art exhibits at the Dali Museum, or the Museum of Fine Arts. Also, a bookish date may enjoy one of Florida's largest used bookstores, Haslam's. Nitally's Thai–Mex Cuisine, PoFolks, and La V provide some unique local eats. For those new to the area, there's always the fail–safe classic, the wonderfully simple, walk along St. Peter Beach, which is enough to get anyone's heart pounding.

But if you're interested in meeting more St. Petersburg singles at once, consider attending a Stir event! Stir events allow Match.com subscribers to meet in person. They can mix, mingle, and find each other, engaging in new connections, or simply meeting online connections in person. Stir events offer an exciting opportunity to singles in St. Petersburg, as well as singles in nearby Tampa and Clearwater to find out if they have a spark with someone in person.

You can create your profile and browse St. Petersburg personals for free! So then, what are you waiting for? Get started on Match.com today!

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