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Jacksonville, FL is a large city that's full of singles, many of whom are looking for love. Instead of relying on chance, turn to online dating and Match.com. At Match.com we are in the business of helping singles connect. The Internet is a wonderful way to search for and be found by other Jacksonville singles. Statistically, the odds are in your favor as one in five relationships begins online.

As an online matchmaking service, we help people find compatible matches that will hopefully result in love. We are able to do that by using the information provided by our singles when they sign up to use our site. Signing up is a fast process in which people may register as free members or they may opt for a paid subscription to enjoy all of Match.com’s extensive range of features. Once you’ve signed up, it's important to create a profile that will catch the attention of people searching for matches online. For the best personal ad possible, utilize the assistance of our ProfilePro experts. They are professional writers who can be hired by our subscribers to write polished profiles that reflect the subscriber's personality in a fun and interesting way.

Because of the size of the city, which is one of largest in terms of square mileage in the U.S., Jacksonville is a gold mine of dating ideas for when you're ready to meet in person. On average there are over two hundred days of annual sunshine in Jacksonville, which makes it perfect for couples who want to hook up outdoors. There are more than 80,000 acres of parks in Jacksonville, so outdoor adventurers have their pick when choosing the right park for a fun date in the sun. For example, the 450-acre Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park offers activities for active dates that range from kayaking to mountain biking. For a more romantic outing, the park is also a good location for setting up a picnic for two. Other leisurely outdoor dates may find couples at the 120-acre Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens where they can explore the trails as they get better acquainted with one another.

With twenty miles of beaches, the St. Johns River and forty miles of the Intracoastal Waterway, it is little wonder that "River City" is Jacksonville's nickname. With so much water around, a fun day of playing in or near the water is a great way to spend a day with your date from Match.com. Jacksonville singles can spend the day on the beach, take a ride on the ferry or enjoy a short cruise. If a date at the beach or a park doesn't strike your fancy, indoor activities are always an option. There are many cultural activities for Jacksonville singles to enjoy. Plan a date at the Museum of Science and History or the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). Share a love of the theater at Theater Jacksonville, which is one of the country's oldest community theaters. Traditional dinner dates are always a safe bet for any date and Jacksonville has plenty of venues to choose from.

Match.com is a pioneer in the dating industry, and as such has the tools needed to help you in your search for romance and love. Sign up today and not only take advantage of the ability to search through the profiles for Jacksonville singles, but search for singles in cities such as Gainesville and Saint Augustine. Subscribers can also benefit from our other services, such as Match.com’s Stir events. These social events are a great way for singles to meet and mingle at venues in cities all over the country. With all that we have to offer, you don't want to wait. Sign up today!

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