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Is She Sweet?

You can meet for tea at the romantic, English–style cottage of the McAllister House Museum! Single women in Colorado Springs may also enjoy a sweet treat at Glacier Homemade Ice Cream and Gelato, or Mya Bella Cupcakes.

Is She a Foodie?

Depending on what she likes, your date may enjoy a number of restaurants that bring local flavor to the table, like Carlos' Bistro, The Blue Star, Motif, or the Marigold Cafe and Bakery. Colorado Springs, CO is full of great pubs, restaurants, and flavors, so feel free to do some culinary exploring!

Is She Smart?

You could meet her at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Museum, or take a walking tour of downtown's Art on the Streets festival. You could see a show at the Millibo Art Theatre, the Iron Springs Chateau Melodrama Dinner Theatre, or the Colorado Springs Philharmonic. Or, for a low–key night out, you could always browse books and grab a cup of coffee at the unique Agia Sophia Coffee Shop.

Is She Active?

Active single women in Colorado Springs can meet up with you and go on a guided tour of the Garden of the Gods, or Pikes Peak. She could also meet you while walking through the America the Beautiful Park.

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