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If you've been searching for singles in Oakland, CA, or in nearby Berkeley or San Francisco, expand your options by joining the #1 site for dates, relationships, and marriages. With new users joining daily, meeting Oakland singles is easy with Match.com. Sign up for free, create an online dating profile, and start browsing through Oakland personals today!

Get started by creating your online dating profile. Match.com makes Oakland dating fun with recommendation features that use your profile information to deliver compatible singles in Oakland to you every day. You can also browse our extensive database for people who interest you, then send them a wink to let them know. Subscribers have the additional ability to communicate via chat and email.

With a variety of activities that suit all interests, dating in Oakland is fun when you have a compatible match. Think about the following first-date ideas, or come up with your own:

  1. Watch local bands perform and browse an extensive collection of used records at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records.
  2. Hike through a hidden forest of redwoods at Redwood Regional Park or plan a picnic.
  3. Plan for coffee and conversation at one of Oakland's many independent coffee shops.
  4. If your date is into magazines, Issues boasts a comprehensive selection of U.S. and international magazines on virtually every topic imaginable.
  5. Enjoy a meal at Bellanico Restaurant and Wine Bar, Commis, or À Côté .

Subscribers can also attend a Stir event and meet Oakland singles while participating in fun pre-planned activities. Stir events are a great way to form connections with other Match.com subscribers in person.

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