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There are so many fun and romantic places to go and people to meet in Oakland! First date ideas are all over the place, but how to get to the first date? If you're looking for your match, Match.com has some great features for men seeking women in Oakland. Single women can be found online for free by signing up today.

Match.com provides recommendations of single women in Oakland and other cities, like San Francisco or Sacramento, that are compatible for you! As you give your feedback to our Daily Matches and Mutual Matches, our recommendations improve, so the longer you spend on Match.com, often, the more likely you are to find the perfect match for you. People who join Match.com are 3 times more likely to find a relationship than people who don't use it.

Once you subscribe, you can contact Oakland women who appeal to you through email messages, online chat, or flirtatious winks. You can do this both online and on the go via our mobile app. You can also ramp up your profile so it stands out among the other men seeking women in Oakland. First read our tips page, then find the best words and photos to describe the real you. Also, as a subscriber, you can join a local Stir event! These events bring single men and single women in Oakland together in person, creating face-to-face connections. We offer these events so that our members can mix and mingle with other Match.com single women. Oakland has a great deal to offer your love life. Get started by joining Match.com today.

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