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Match.com is the number 1 site in relationships, dates, and marriages. Trust us to help you find compatible singles in Chandler, AZ that meet your desires. Match.com has some great features for finding a match, creating a relationship, or just meeting new singles for fun!

Mutual Match, Daily Matches, and Singled Out Alerts

Match.com brings Chandler personals to you via our recommendations in the form of Daily Match, Singled Out alerts, and Mutual Matches. Once we've brought who we think you'd be interested in to the table, you can choose to contact them, or give us feedback on who you'd like to see in the future. This allows us to evolve and get accustomed to your wants, needs, and lifestyle. The more you interact with Match.com, the better these recommendations get! Also, members can browse the profiles and photos of singles in Chandler, Mesa, Phoenix, and Gilbert at any time!

Connection Features

Members can flirt by sending winks and subscribers can also send emails. These connections form an online base for your relationship before meeting in person and formally dating in Chandler. You can do all of this online at Match.com, or with the mobile app matchMobile. Subscribers can find each other and meet online this way, as there are many different ways to connect!

Profile Pro

To get noticed by Chandler singles, consider asking for the help of one of our ProfilePro experts. They can help find the words that represent who you are, what you like, and who you want to meet. These experts know how to make your profile stand out!

Stir Events

If you want to meet some Chandler singles in person, consider looking into our Stir events! These events feature low–stress, pre–planned activities that can bring groups of singles together. If you are new in the area, want to get back into the Chandler dating scene or just want to meet some of your online connections in person, attend one of these events and have a great time.

First Date Ideas

Once you have taken advantage of these great Match.com features, consider meeting your match offline, just be sure to keep your safety in mind. Chandler, Arizona and the wider Phoenix area is full of romantic hot spots that fulfill first–date needs. For example, there's the choice of seeing a performance at the Chandler Center for the Arts. You could attend one of the numerous local events, like the Jazz Festival, the Ostrich Festival at Tumbleweed Park, or the Kokopelli Krush wine event. Go horseback riding at Koli Equestrian Center, or visit one of the numerous local restaurants that can inspire your taste buds. Vintage Wine Lounge, Cork, SanTan Brewing Company, and The Living Room Lounge are some great options. Or, you could just go for coffee, at the incredible SoZo Coffee House.

Use Match.com's great features, find a match, and go on a first date! Get started by signing up for free today!

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